Chemical Products

Wm J Macnab & Co (Sales) Ltd manufactures and supplies a range of different chemical for various industries for customers in the UK and Ireland.

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Hydrogen Peroxide Suppliers Ireland

WJ Macnab are one of the main suppliers of hydrogen peroxide in Ireland and also supply the UK. Hydrogen Peroxide can be used for water treatment.

Proxitane® 5:23

Kill the 2019-nCov on Surfaces with Proxitane® 5:23 @ 1:20 dilution has passed EN 14476:2013 at 20°C with a contact time of 5 minutes under both clean and dirty conditions. This pass covers all viruses tested including Poliovirus, Adenovirus & Murine norovirus. This could be deemed as evidence of virucidal activity towards COVID-19.

Other household and industrial cleaning products we currently have in stock include Glycerine, Hydrogen Peroxide Sequestrants and Detergents.

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Resaquest ECO®

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the modern chelate of choice.

In recent times with some chelates including NTA, EDTA and now phosphate products either being banned above certain use levels or encouraged to be phased out entirely, our RESAQUEST ECO is the modern chelate of choice.

An ecologically sound product with good bio-degradability, no use restrictions or H phrases it performs exceptionally well in detergent systems commonly used in automotive washing, hard surface cleaners and laundry products.

Resaquest ECO® is the answer to your formulating challenges

  • Carries no H phrases under CLP

  • No phosphates or phosphonates

  • A near-neutral pH Value

  • Outperforms other eco options, ie: GLDA and Na4IDS

  • Outperforms Na4EDTA on a one-to-one basis

  • Up to three times more effective than Na3NTA

Applications for Resaquest ECO®

  • Windshield icon

    Traffic Film Removers

  • Cloth icon

    Multi-Surface Cleaners

  • Fabric softener icon

    Laundry Liquids

  • Dishwasher icon

    Auto Dish Wash Liquids

  • Tools and utensils icon

    Heavy Industrial Cleaners

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Chemical Products

With over 50 years of experience you can count on Wm J Macnab & Co Ltd to offer bespoke industrial chemicals that are manufactured to meet your specific needs. The safety and quality of our products, and the speed at which we can have them delivered to you, are some of the main reasons why we have built and retained such a large customer base across the UK and Ireland.

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Cleaning chemicals

Under quality cleaning chemicals, the requirement for quality cleaning products is growing year by year along with legislative compliance and hygiene obligations to customers and staff alike. We can produce bespoke, own-label products for general hygiene as well as raw materials and expertise to assist our customers in producing their own range of janitorial products

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Food hygiene

Food and drink are probably one of the most important sectors of industry worldwide. Cleanliness of plant, floors and vehicles is paramount in ensuring pathogens, which can do tremendous harm in the community, are kept at bay.

We can offer both chemicals for cleaning and sterilising including Peracetic acid and hard surface cleaners but also assistance from our principals in the correct use of these products.

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Water Treatment

Specialising in the supply of chemicals to treat effluent and contaminated land. Hydrogen Peroxide is often used to break down hydrocarbons following an oil spill so that land can be quickly reused as well as to treat effluent, removing heavy metals from solution. Acids and alkalis are widely used to correct the pH of industrial effluent, while flocculants, dispersants and anti-foams are an essential part of waste water treatment.

The use of microbes is becoming more popular particularly for removing oil from effluent and we can also supply nutrients to keep the microbes in top condition.

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Bio-security is the new buzz word in the agriculture and horticulture sectors. This can be an area of great expenditure as there are many places around the farm or nursery which need to be cleaned and sterilised. Our ranges of hard surface cleaners and sanitizers such as peracetic acid have been proven to be not only effective but very competitively priced.

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We all like our cars and lorries to look their best and with our range of detergents for both hand and machine washing we believe they will do just that. Added to this we also provide rinse aid, wash and wax, alloy cleaners and fragrances. Assistance is always available for those customers who wish to produce their own formulations from our range of raw materials.

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Textile Chemicals

Although not the important industry it once was, textile companies still use large volumes of dyes and chemicals including detergents and bleaching auxiliaries along with hydrogen peroxide. We offer Cost-effective alternatives to some of the major suppliers.

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Our Chemicals

  • Antifoam

  • Biocides

  • Chelates

  • Dyes

  • Enzymes

  •  Glycerine

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Fragrances

  • Peracetic Acid

  • Preservatives

  • Surfactants

Chemical Supplies for industry

Many of the raw materials we use in our manufacturing processes are also available to
customers who wish to blend their own formulations.